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Softnsweet Ragdolls

Dreams come true....

Our hope was to bring the best available cats to Australia to start our breeding program. Thanks to the dedication at Koc-Pol Cattery, my dreams have been realized.

Looking for a Ragdoll kitten read About me before deciding

From humble beginnings.....................

My name is Kim and this photo was taken some 53 years ago. Princey my first tabby cat crossed over the rainbow bridge many years ago, but not a lot has changed in all those years regarding my passion for animals.

I currently live on the Gold Coast, Australia.

I currenty own a large Bording Cattery and I am now in a position to devote all my time and energy to this amazing breed, as I have truly fallen in love with the Ragdoll cat.

My first show dog in 1974 was Australian Champion Ledgereth Lord Louis a liver spotted Dalmatian, During the time I was showing the Dalmatians,  I continued to show Dalmatians for over twenty years. During this time we also owned and exhibited an Arabian Stallion Ulinga Dallas. In our younger days we worked together on a warm blood horse stud on the Southern Highlands of NSW. while running our own small acreage with a few of our own horses and ponies.

Thanks to my daughter Kylie, who was wanting to get involved in showing but wanting a smaller breed, Kylie and I were fortunate during the nineties to prepare and show Cavalier King Charles Spaniels for Ralph and Margret Franze (all breeds dog judge) of Le Chevalier Cavaliers with great success. At one stage having five Best in Show winners at home Specialist and All Breeds as well as the first Grand Champion & Top winning Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Bitch Gr CH Le Chevalier Veronique. Margret was kind enough to take me on a Judging engagement to the UK where I had the opportunity to meet many of the top Breeders and see their dogs.

I have also competed in obedience trialling to open level and I am a qualified obedience instructor. I worked as the Breeder Liaison officer for the NSW Police Dog Squad at St Ives in Sydney. I also trained dogs for Vera's Animal Agency in Sydney, training dogs for movies, Television commercials and advertising. More recently I enjoyed working at a Veterinary Practice in Darwin as the practice manager.

As you can see, being in love with these stunning cats is a new and exciting part of my life, however I see it as a progression of what has become the life I live, loving, providing and caring for animals that become a part of our family. We hope we can also continue our passion for exhibiting and promoting with our Ragdoll family.

Our Aim is to have a small number of quality Ragdoll cats our Intention is to improve and promote the quality of the breed Our Commitment is to ensure their happiness and health as a priority.

When I was told one of our kittens was to be exhibited at the World Cat Show in Croatia in 2012

I booked a flight and was there to see our own kitten Koc-Pol Cat Ares be Nominated for BIS against stiff competition with 1900 entries we could not have been more fortunate to be able to bring this boy to Australia along with another male and two females from Koc-Pol Cattery to start our dream.

While I was in Europe I was able to meet with Monika Koc at her home and and then travel to Poland to visit her at her home and meet the other cats that would be travelling to Australia.