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We look at past kittens born here at Softnsweet

Missy was the first and only kitten from Dakota and Ares and has stayed with us.

Blue Bi Colour Benny and Bliss

Hi Kim and Brian

Just letting you know that Benny is growing softer and sweeter by the day!

He was very good on his trip to the Vet for his vax last week....purred the whole time I held him and only mewed a little on the short car journey. The Vet said he was in top condition and extremely healthy...and going on the amount of food he puts away, it’s no wonder he now weighs 2.2kgs!!

He sleeps between us on our bed every night and doesn’t move until Chris gets up. Burger is his playmate for a bit of rough and tumble, but he likes to snuggle up next to Rupert on the sofa in the evenings.

I managed to take a few photos in some quieter moments and you should be able to access the Facebook album as I tagged Softnsweet. Let me know if not and I’ll send the other pix.

I have to say, the photo of Cupie on Facebook had us both melting and thinking Benny might like a playmate his own age!

Hope you are both well and enjoying kitten mayhem while it lasts.


Blue Bi Colour Elnido with Amazing eye colour

Hi Kim!

This is Naomi, a mother of one of your kittens from last year :) Long time no see, how are you?

Elnido has grown in to a lovely, big and affectionate young man since he has joined our family.

He has become quite talkative and has a good sense of humour, surprising us and making us laugh everyday.

Often he is mistaken as a girl because of his beautiful face hahaha We were thinking it is time to get a little brother for him, as we feel quite competent now with kitten parenting :))) I think Elnido would love a little company as well when we are away at work.

Thank you Kim, looking forward to hear from you :)


Blue Bi Colour Fontana with his big sister and brother

Hello Kim!

Happy New Year to you and your family!

Fontana is well and truly at home here now, he is such a little character - full of spunk! He comes alive at night time, and can't get enough of games, toys, balls, hide and seek, boxes, tunnels, you name it :) His has us all laughing at his playful antics!!

On the softer side though he is just adorable, he looks us all in the eyes directly getting to know us and remembering who is who. He has time for each of us and is learning all about cuddles. He is affectionate, placid (when not in play mode), has been to known to like to lick our necks even :) - he is a perfect mix of sweetness and cheekiness! Thank you for bringing him into our lives.

Take Care,


Seal Bi Colour Amy above and Titan below

Seal bicolour Julius